Stathis Mavrommatis - Saxophone Soloist


Reviews – interviews

 -   Dinos Constantinides's recommendation
 -   Fanfare Review
 -   Review of the concert in Sochi-Russia
 -   International artsmanager
 -   Letter of Recommendation by the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens
 -   Linda Maehans-TB 'Source' Newspaper
 -   Aris Carastathis, Lakehead University
 -   The Advocate People newspaper USA 2005

Reviews for the CD
“‘Dancing with Centaurs-Stories for Saxophone”

 -   Silver Medal Winner by Global Music Awards
 -   Review by David Denton

Reviews for the CD
“Three Greek Concertos for Soprano Saxophone and String Orchestra”

 -   Miguel del Aguila
 -   Review by D. Constantinides
 -   Review by J. Palmer-Musical Opinion
 -   Review by E.Rousseau
 -   Review by Paul Wagner-Saxophone Journal
 -   Review by Composer A. Arguello
 -   Review Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine Autumn 2010
 -   Review by G. Di Bacco
 -   Review by Pedro Iturralde
 -   Review by Mario Marzi
 -   Review by Claude Delangle
 -   Review by Pippo Alfieri
 -   Review by Jean-Marie Londeix

Reviews for the CD
“Music for Saxophone, Piano & Percussion by Greek Composers”

 -   Amadeus Magazine
 -   Aris Carastathis, Lakehead University
 -   Recensione di Ninni Radicini su internet (luglio 2007)
 -   Review by Paul Wagner in SAX JOURNAL
 -   Review by Alison Owen-Morley (clarinet & saxophone magazine)